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Does your computer take longer time to carry out a specific task than usual? If you have been experiencing a gradual decline of your machine’s performance, there could be quite a few reasons for that slowness. You can worry no more as we are here to help you get your computer a good tuneup and it’ll be faster than ever before!

You can always visit our workshop and bring your computers or laptops for us to check and repair. For your convenience, you can also call us at 0410 659 349 with no call out fees! Computer Repairs Pinjarra Hills is open 7 days a week from 7am up to 10pm and even on holidays.

We also offer onsite services for businesses and residents anywhere in Pinjarra Hills. The service is absolutely free of call out fees and travel costs! Saving yourself on needing to bring your computer to us, we will deliver our service right in your doorsteps.

Along with this service, our expert technician can also perform a remote assistance with your permission and consent to help you solve the problem on your computer. We can remotely find and remove unnecessary software or most commonly known as bloatware which mostly have a huge impact on your machine’s performance. Computer Repairs Pinjarra Hills delivers expert service in optimizing your desktop computer or laptop and make sure that your operating system is running at peak performance. You will always be informed throughout the whole tuneup process and you will be able to communicate with our expert technician if you have any concerns.

Computer Tuneup Pinjarra Hills

Our expert computer tuneup Pinjarra Hills service includes:

Removal of unnecessary software – We will assist you in identifying and removal of the programs that you are not using or you do not want. Our expert technician can find resource-hungry programs that might be using huge percentage of your CPU resources. We will let you know which among your application might be experiencing memory leaks that can cause other applications to slow down when loading data on our disk. In addition, our expert technician will also help you clean up your unused or unwanted program shortcuts.

Updating of operating system – Our computer tuneup service ensures that your operating system is getting the critical updates, patches and latest drivers which are essential on your machine’s performance. We also have a custom service for operating system install and repair that will fit your needs.

Startup programs optimization – If your computer tends to boot up really slow, our technician will help you disable or prevent applications from launching at startup to save memory and CPU cycles which can eventually speed up the login process. We can also give you options to disable certain operating system features such as animations and effects that might give additional boost to your computer’s performance.

Virus and malware scanning – A malicious software, virus or adware can also be a reason why your computer is performing slow. To be safe and secured, our expert technicians at Computer Repairs Pinjarra Hills will have your PC checked by running antivirus scans. You will most certainly don’t want these malicious software running on your computer.

Browser optimization – If your browser performs slower than usual, our service will help you lighten up your browser from unwanted plugins or add-ons that might be using more memory of your computer.

Disk clean up – Having your hard drive reach almost it’s full capacity, your computer may run noticeably slower. Our service includes freeing up space for your hard drive while we can also give you an option to upgrade your hard disk to a larger capacity in case you will be needing all the data stored in your computer.

Disk defragmenting – Modern versions of operating system already has the capability of defragmenting your hard disk automatically without any user intervention. But if you are using an older computer or laptop, our expert technician can assist you in having your hard disk drive defragmented and optimized for better performance.

Creation of restore disks – We will help you create restore disks for your operating system and restore your computer in its factory state, thus removing unnecessary programs and leftover files from uninstalled programs. Your files will be backed up and will be kept intact throughout the process so you will not be worrying about data loss.

Operating system fresh install – In occasions that virus or malware can’t be cleaned completely or in cases that your computer has been infected seriously, we recommend fresh installation of operating system. We can also give you an option to upgrade your operating system to a newer version if your machine supports it. Your files will be backed up throughout the process and will be restored.

Hardware upgrades – In addition to the software upgrades and tuneup, our expert service can also provide you an expert advice on upgrading your computer hardware parts that can give a desirable effect on your computer’s performance such as upgrading the CPU, memory or hard disk.

Our computer tuneup services are not limited to those we have mentioned; we’ll perform other tuneup–related tasks as necessary. Computer Repairs Pinjarra Hills never fails to provide cost-effective, honest and expert computer repairs. We guarantee you that we can give you the perfect computer repair and solution right in the first time. You can be assured that all our computer and laptop repairs are performed with paramount care. Just call us at 0410 659 349 with no call out fees! Computer Repairs Pinjarra Hills is open 7 days a week from 7am up to 10pm and even on holidays.

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